Go to hell ... wait ... What?

Do not worry, you just did not understand, they meant "god helg" Norwegian meaning of "good weekend", one of the amusing experiences that Mohamed Abud, originally from Somalia.

Mohamed told us about his experience as a refugee in Norway, how he made it to come, and how he experienced this experience as well as bad.
During his sharing, Mohamed asked simple questions like "Who knows what is the first step that an immigrant arriving at a place has to make?". Impressive but no one had the answer apart from the refugees present. While the response was "Going to the police".

Until 2016, the number of immigrants in Norway has increased steadily. Hearing this kind of story makes us see life differently, sometimes we just close our eyes to all that is happening around us because we do not want to face the truth. The aim of this reading was to sensitize, mobilize, and get sympathy for the refugees.


One of the goals of the Norwegian Red Cross Youth is to care for young refugees on the spot, hence the "flyktningkompis" activity Norwegian meaning of "Refugee buddy (friend)". The aim of this activity is to contribute to the inclusion and integration of unaccompanied refugees so that they can easily adapt to changes as well as for the practice of the language.

During this gathering, we had about 30 minutes of interview to talk about Madagascar, the Red Cross Malagasy, our experiences in Norway, and in connection with the gathering "how we make friends in Madagascar". We answered the climate.

Maybe in Madagascar as it is always warm, we like to be outside, on a terrace with a cool drink and glasses, we feel cool and for we know what is the reason we have become pleasantly friendly. So comes the "Hello" with a big smile or the "do not stay alone in your corner, come to join me to discuss" or the "Oh! It is hot today".

And like Norway is a cold country, we prefer to stay warm at home, with a good movie and a national drink (coffee) in hand. Maybe we were wrong, maybe not!!

We do not have an answer that can exactly answer this question but we know that small thing can be a beginning of everything, like a smile or make someone smile or greet one another. As Mohamed said, "The very best you can do for someone who is new and alone somewhere, is to be a friend. It is so easy, and it can create so much joy» .

It does not take much to include, "Vær litt kompis"? (Do you want to be my friend?)


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