Ferie For Alle in Trondheim

Ferie for alle or Holliday for all is an activity of the Red Cross. It is an activity where several families gather and spend their holidays together.

For this autumn, we participated of Ferie For Alle in Trondheim. All the participant are from all Nord Trøndelag, and we were 32 people in total.

 It was an amazing experience, a lot of fun with these lovely kids, we went to the cinema, visited the "branstajon" (fire department), went in this very big swimmingpool, and climbing wall. All of these activities are plan by the Red Cross.  And like all children do not speak English, we sometimes did mime to understand and was really fun. Every day we learned new Norwegian words :)

Malagasy team :)

Malagasy team :)

During the swimmingpool time, Maeva just enjoy to look the swimmer because she forgot her swimsuit. Aina tried to go in this big tunnel and after he said:  ‘’ That was fun but scary too’’ !!!
At the climbing wall, everybody tried to climb, the Malagasy tried too but finally they said ‘’ we tried but it is not for us’’ !!!  Aina was in the middle of the wall but Maeva tried so many time but she fell at 1,50m hahahaha


Those 4 days were work but a lot of fun, an opportunity to meet knew people and exchange!! :)  

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