How is Christmas in Norway

City of light during dark period.

All these little intrigues of each person who gives warmth to the heart and who truly feels the spirit of Christmas. 

Everyone is smiling more, read a few words of encouragement from everywhere also helps us to confront and not to be discouraged by this cold :)  What is special to us is, we are used to celebrating Christmas in summer.

Admire all these lights in this darkness, impressed by the effort that each house makes for these beautiful decorations and which together gives an illuminated, magic but still warm alley.
These sweet songs you hear at every street corner that are only Christmas songs with a bit of everything you see that is either red or white.


Also, Norwegians who already love candles, they use more and more before and during this periode, from outside, inside and to the bathroom. Even we begin to get there too :)

We are more than happy to take part in this culture wich is to celebrate this event with a lot of light and decoration, eating "peperkaker" and a lot of candy and especially by standing warm with a cup of coffe, tea or chocolate.

                                                 Like they say   "GOD JUL"  :)



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