National kick off for the TV-Aksjonen day

Hi again everyone!

This Saturday, October 1st, has marked the kick off for the TV-Aksjonen (in english TV campaign) day on next 23rd of October.

All the local Red Cross groups in Norway had different events where we explained what we are going to do on the 23rd of October, what’s gonna happen on that date.

For us in Steinkjer, we had a free concert opened for everyone with different local artists and different kinds of music.


What is that famous TV-Aksjonen exactly? You will see by yourself when that event will happen but roughly speaking, it’s an annual fundraising event organized by the Norwegian television NRK, maybe the biggest fundraising in the world.


This is an excerpt of the concert on Saturday, enjoy!

Hotel California Norwegian version

Another song by these two guys

We also had some coffees, cakes, chocolates and juices. Before the beginning of the concert and during the breaks, people could sit in a table, enjoy their foods and know more about the Norwegian Red Cross and the TV-Aksjonen.


Keep in touch :-)