Hello, welcome to our blog! We are Aina and Maeva: The first Youth Delegates from Madagascar to Norway!

Who are we exactly?

We used to be a volunteer of the Red Cross in our country, the Malagasy Red Cross. And now we are working in the Norwegian Red Cross (NorCross) as Youth Delegates within the “Youth Delegate Exchange Programme” (YDEP). We are in a new country but our work remains the same: to help the most vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity, especially the Youth.

Aina comes from Analamanga Region of Madagascar, precisely 15 km from the Capital Antananarivo. Thanks to the Malagasy Red Cross, he has had many courses and trainings such as the first aid, communication, photography, health, even theatre and circus; and also the opportunity to practice these during the times of voluntary services. He used to be the volunteer communicator of the Malagasy Red Cross in the regional level, and also a CBHFA trainer (Community-Based Health and First Aid) within the “Mendrika Project” in the District I of his region. He has also participated in many youth activities and workshops.

Maeva is from Tsiroanomandidy, Bongolava Region. She just finished her studies last year. She has been a Red Cross volunteer since 2011.Sshe has been active in activities with children and adolescents, which offer free education to people who have had a need for it, and health prevention campaigns targeting children with such importance of hand washing for prevention of diseases. She also arranged for sports activities as a way to prevent young people abusing alcohol and drugs.

What do we have in common?

We are both 22 years old. We both love music, Aina plays either guitar or piano and Maeva sings with her nice voice. Despite these, we have many differences and disagreements, but as promoters of peace and non-violence, we always find solutions to deal with these in a constructive and non-violent way. Plus, we will be working together in Nord-Trøndelag for the next nine months.

 We are writing this blog to tell you more about our story, our life here in Norway, to share with you what we have done and learned.

Maybe you, reading this blog now, could be the next Youth Delegate, who knows! Therefore, we also want you to know more about our work and everything that you might need in your everyday life.

This is just an introduction, the very exciting, useful, practical and funny articles will come very soon! You can also follow the other Youth Delegates’ blogs, ‘cause they also have many interesting things to show in their blogs.

See you! Vi sees! Nos vemos pronto! चाँडै ! Mandrapihaona e!