Discovering while working

We joined the annual youth meeting of Norwegian Red Cross Youth or SUK. We had the privilege of attending all the meetings during these few days. It was really impressing to see all these young people, who were not afraid to give their opinions, decisive and so much involved in what they do. We were in the counting committee where we counted the votes during the election of the new National board of the Norwegian Red Cross Youth. We also had the opportunity to present the Malagasy Red Cross to the youth volunteers.

This conference was not only work, but also a lot of fun. We met youth leader from all over the country, we make a party, and we have had an opportunity to meet again our friends delegates.


These last days were all about discovering new things. Our first snowfall, our first northern lights and our first Norwegian course.

Looking through the window, seeing the time and all amazed that it is only 4pm shocked us the first time. In our country, even in winter, we are accompanied by the sun until 6pm. But at least we are lucky enough to admire the '' northern lights ''. Seeing these shades of light, changing seconds per second, we remained speechless admiring them, so much so that we felt more cold for a few minutes. And we consider ourselves lucky to be able to admire them because they can only be seen here in the north.




We were so happy to see the snow even though we fall. When going to work, Maeva was so excited that she fell because she did not pay attention to where she was walking. Aina slipped every time but fortunately never falls down. It's fun to see everything in white, you turn the head left, right, everything is white.

Aina enjoy the snow. Keep calm, we will have enough time to live with :)


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