From Nepal to Norway

After five weeks in Kathmandu, we traveled back to Oslo on September 14, hoping to see Nepal again soon.  

Before coming to Nepal we already knew about the political unrest in the Terai region that have been going on for some months. Everyone expected that the unrest would resolve after the constitution was in place in late September. We saw celebrations in the streets of Kathmandu, but in Terai the political parties were not satisfied and the protests continued.

The Indian government has a responsibility for the difficulties in Nepal. They want to influence the political decisions and for this reason they have blocked the food supplies, gas and petroleum coming into Nepal. The shortage is felt in Kathmandu as well, traffic is reduced, buses are cramped and the taxi and bus fares are more than doubled.

In addition to this, the biggest annual festival Dashain started in the beginning of October. During the festival people travel home to their villages and families to celebrate and most of the stores, schools and public sector is closed. Many of the youths that we had started to work with also travelled home and had holiday. Therefore, it was not much left for us to do in Kathmandu, and the Red Cross decided to send us home to work with Red Cross Youth in Norway. We monitor the situation in Nepal and look forward to go back. In the meantime, you can continue to follow our blog to see what we do in Norway.  

Lise & Liv