Creative Youth

We have been visiting several schools and colleges the past week. In Nepal Commerce College we met the Red Cross Youth Circle and shared our Red Cross experience. We also held a short presentation for one of the classes about ourselves, the Youth Delegate Exchange Program and the Norwegian Red Cross.

Ambition Academy is a private school and we were given the opportunity to contribute to one of their art classes. We organized an art competition where the subject was the Red Cross Principles. The children were 11-14 years of age and very talented. You can see some of the results here. It was interesting to see how they connected the principles with peace and nature. Unity was clearly connected to the new Constitution of Nepal.

The third school was a public school. Here we also arranged an art competition, this time with the Junior Red Cross Circle. We asked them to draw some of their own experience with the Red Cross. Through their drawings we got to know their stories and learned a lot about local Red Cross activities. Many of the children associated the Red Cross with the emergency relief after the earthquake.

Thank you very much to all the children, youth and teachers for being so friendly and including!