Second Training - First Aid

Would you know what to do during an emergency?

Red Cross is often associated with medical care in time of need. Therefore, some essential skills are good to know as a Red Cross Youth Volunteer. Knowing First Aid means to be better prepared in case of an emergency, when someone around you is injured. First Aid is also part of implementing humanity, by preserving life, preventing painful conditions from worsening and promoting recovery.

The Red Cross First Aid Training aims to give the volunteers the confidence and skills they will need to help in an emergency. The training course in Nepal lasts for three days and the content is impressive, covering a series of treatments for a range of conditions.

Extensive bleeding, stroke, fractures, unconsciousness, unresponsive condition and non-respiration, wounds from fire, poisoning and snakebite are some of the conditions they handle in the course.

Our volunteers did a great job during our district level training, participating actively in all the practical procedures and partaking in discussions on the critical situations one might face in everyday life. They got their certificates and are now first aiders!

We ended the training with serving Norwegian waffles to all the participants and the guests for the closing ceremony. It was miTho chha!

Stay safe!