Leadership development of youth has been one of our focus areas in Nepal. During the last weeks, we have had a district level training, training of trainers and school orientations on this topic. The goal is for the participants to understand how leadership is connected with communication. It is important to know yourself and your group members in order to be a good leader. In Red Cross, we want to develop young leaders who take responsibility and create a positive change in their life and in their community.

In the District Level Leadership Training, we had a guest lecturer from the organization Om Shanti. He showed the participants how to use yoga and meditation as methods for self-management and mental focus. We had a session about communication where we had the whisper game and group work. The participants also learned how to conduct a meeting within their Youth Circle Committee from Ram Datta Poudel Sir, one of the main trainers.

During the training for trainers, Lise explained the manual and showed the new facilitators her own personal road map. This is a map of what you consider as meaningful events in your life. The reason behind this exercise is to acknowledge and be proud of your experiences and understand how they make you the person you are today. When listening to the story of others, you also get to know the people you are working with.

We are now having a leadership orientation at each school where the new facilitators are conducting the training. All of them have done really well so far and are making us very happy and proud! At the pictures below you can see some of them in action from 6 different schools.


Thank you to all the great facilitators and participants!

Lise and Liv