Keeping busy in Kathmandu

We are still in Kathmandu and here are some moments we would like to share with you!

After our introduction week at the Headquarter, our national contact person arranged a meeting for us with the Kathmandu District Chapter. We were happy to meet the youth volunteers and have activities while waiting in Kathmandu.

The Red Cross Youth Circle at Tri Chandra College gave us a warm welcoming and showed us around their college, the oldest one in Nepal. They gave a presentation on some of the activities they are working on; a compost project, rain water harvesting, first aid and a campaign on road safety. At the Secondary School, BGSS, they celebrated the International Children’s Day and the Teej festival with songs, dancing, poetry, jokes and drama. It was great talking to the lovely children at the school.

Teej is the women’s festival in Nepal. On this day, the women have leave from their work to celebrate. They fast and dress in red saris and go to the temple to pray for their husband or future husbands’ wellbeing. They also sing, dance and enjoy themselves. In Kathmandu, they go the Pashupatinath Temple. Several Red Cross Youth Circles were present this day to give aid. Some were organizing the lines to the Temple, others had tents where they provided first aid and water and rest for the women who fainted. Several women fainted because they did not eat, it was also very crowded and the sun was burning.  

A special thank you to Kunal Mishra for his great support during our activities. He has helped us with the planning, organizing and language barriers.

Thank you for reading our blog! 
We'll soon be back with more :)

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