What is Sex?

What is sex? Our Youth Volunteers wanted to learn more about sex and sexuality, so these last weeks we have had trainings on the topic of sexual health. When is it right to have sex? And what can you do to show that you want it or that you don’t want it? The Youth Volunteers discussed how to understand and respect one’s own boundaries as well as others’ when it comes to sexuality. We did some games to illustrate the importance of consent and the effectiveness of transmitting. We also practiced using condoms correctly on vegetables!

A representative from the Blue Diamond Society in Pokhara came to our training, to share his story and give a lecture on LGBTI’s situation in Nepal. The youth learned a lot about gender identities and sexual differences. 

A  midwife and nurse from Damauli Hospital also visited us in the District Level Training to talk about contraceptives, sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. She was also able to answer questions from our curious volunteers.

In a Training of Trainers the Youth Volunteers prepared to hold the Sexual Health Training in their own Youth Circles. They did a great job facilitating the sessions, conveying complicated topics to their peers. We are impressed by their courage to stand in front of others talking about sexuality and sex.


Lise and Liv