Sexual Health

Sexuality is an important part of identity and for Red Cross Youth to be relevant in young people’s lives we work with this topic. Many youth experience insecurity and stigma related to their identity, sexuality and sexual health. The sexual education provided in schools are usually focused on transmittable infections and contraceptives. In Red Cross Youth, we discuss boundaries, social norms and gender identity to strengthen youth’s ability to take good care of themselves and others.

We held a course for 15 Red Cross Youth volunteers in Vestfold on sexual health. It was a diverse group with youths from 15 to 23 years of age coming from three different local branches. We started out by discussing how to talk about sexuality in neutral terms according to the Red Cross Principles. The youth had strong opinions and views in discussions on gender roles and sexual orientation. Through games we explored ways to give or not give consent to sexual approaches. They really liked this short video about consent: Their knowledge was tested at the end of the course through a “sexy quiz”. They also got to practice the proper use of condoms on dildos. Lastly, they worked with planning activities related to sexual health in their local communities. They want to arrange quiz nights for the volunteers, offer sexual education in schools and use stands and social media to bring awareness on sexual health.


Thank you to the youth volunteers in Vestfold for a great day!

Lise and Liv