Peer Education in Sindhupalchok

We visited Sindhupalchok District for four days with four Youth Volunteers, Suresh Pantha, Armita Thapa, Prakash Nepali and Poornima Thapa from Tanahun. The idea behind the visit was to motivate and inspire local youth volunteerism and involvement. Norwegian Red Cross has been working in Sindhupalchok District ever since the earthquake last year, as the District was the most affected, with 95% of the houses damaged and more than 3000 lives lost. After a meeting with the Norwegian Country Representative and our National Contact Person, we agreed that it would be a good idea with a cooperation between the youth volunteers in Tanahun and Sindhupalchok.

At Chautara Multiple Campus, we established a Youth Circle and conducted Red Cross Movement Dissemination, the latter also given at three higher secondary schools. In addition to this we had a long meeting with the Red Cross District Chapter were we held a presentation about youth involvement and discussed how we can activate youth volunteers. Representatives from Sindhupalchok District Chapter told us about the earthquake damage and how the Red Cross has responded, by emergency aid and recovery work.

The Youth Volunteers from Tanahun did a fantastic job in facilitating the disseminations. Every evening we had meetings were we evaluated the day and prepared for the next.  It was a true pleasure seeing how fast they developed and improved. We were well received in each school and the facilitators managed to keep the children and youth interested during the sessions. Most importantly, we felt that the students became motivated to be a part of Red Cross and make a change in their community.

We would like to say a big thank you to Raj Kumar Thapa from the Sindhupalchok District Chapter, who truly supported us during the whole trip and was part of making it a success! Also a big thank you to Carl Morten Ødegård for seeing the potential in youth volunteerism and for wanting to establish a cooperation between the Youth Delegate Exchange Programme and NorCross.


Lise and Liv