Hipp, Hipp, Hurra!

17th of May is Norway’s National Day, marking the day we got our own constitution in 1814. As Norwegians this is one of the most important days of the year, so we had to celebrate of course! We invited staff from office and youth volunteers for a party. We held a short presentation about 17th of May and showed photos and videos from Norway before singing the Norwegian national anthem. Then one of the youth volunteers danced for us, as he is one of the top dancers in Damauli.

For food, we had sausages in rotis, as close to hot dogs  or “pølse” as we could get. With help from some of our volunteers, we made Norwegian waffles as well, but unfortunately, the electricity went halfway in the making.

In true Red Cross Youth “spirit”, we played some participatory games with all our guests. Later there was dance and songs accompanied by a typical Nepali drum.


We had so much fun!

Thanks to everyone who came and made this day even more special :)


Lise and Liv