Damauli Happenings

After our Christmas holiday we have been planning our next five months here in Tanahun.
In Nepal, Red Cross Youth volunteers are either connected to colleges, which is most common, or in a community group. Tanahun District has two Youth Circles in colleges and our goal is to recruit at least 7 or 8 circles.

These pictures were taken during the formation of a new Youth Circle in Chandi Devi Higher Secondary School.

We have also been participating in different programs arranged by our District Chapter. For ten days now there has been a festival in Damauli. This involves an amusement park, shopping market, a concert stage with music and dance and parades through the city were people of Tanahun wear their traditional clothing. One of the days, the Red Cross Tanahun District Chapter organized a Blood Donation Program were many people volunteered to give blood.

Saturday was the Earthquake Day and Nepal Red Cross Society marks this day in different ways across the country. Here in Tanahun we had a First Aid Demonstration in the festival area.

In addition to this, we have worked with a Street Drama Group for the youth volunteers that we started in December. A recurring theme in meetings with the youth volunteers was an experience of a “generation gap” in the society. They explained that adolescent emotions and challenges are not easily shared with parents and older generations, leading to frustration and insecurity among youth. They hesitate to discuss problems with their parents, feeling a breach in the understanding between the generations’ different references to culture and tradition. The youth volunteers came up with the idea to make a role play that deals with these issues, in order to express a youth perspective and talk openly to a larger audience.

We want to say a big thank you to our Local Contact Person, Shiva Kaji Sir, the staff at Tanahun District Chapter and the youth volunteers.

Lise and Liv