A new year means new youth delegates.

Many thinks of a new year as a new beginning. A new beginning to start a better life, to start exercising, to spend more time with family and friends, to eat healthier. But how about using this new year to get new experiences as a youth delegate? For the Youth Delegate Exchange Programme (YDEP) a new year means new youth delegates. Although we still have some months left here in Colombia, the process of recruiting new youth delegates in Norway has already started. So how about using this new year as an opportunity to do more, do better and reach further?

Being a youth delegate is a lot work and a lot of fun! Photo by: Sofie Sundström Bele. 

Being a youth delegate is a lot work and a lot of fun! Photo by: Sofie Sundström Bele. 

Being a youth delegate gives you valuable experience in international work within the Red Cross, but is also a great opportunity for personal development. Amongst others, you get to work with project management, organizational development and humanitarian work. The work is both interesting and challenging. You have to be able to adapt to a new culture and find new ways of using your experience as a volunteer, but at the same time, it is a great opportunity to make new friends, get new experiences and create memories for life. 


So who can become youth delegates?

-          You are between 21 and 28 years old.

-          You are a member of the Red Cross.

-          You have at least on year experience from volunteering in the Red Cross. 

-          You have good physical and mental health.

-          You are able to speak and write English.

-          You have attended the Youth Basic Training Course (YBTC).


So the first step to becoming a youth delegate is attending the YBTC. The course gives you the chance to share experiences and knowledge of being a volunteer, and also to learn more about the Red Cross, cultural understanding, communication and leadership.

This year it is held at 18th-21st of April 2018, and the deadline for applying is 1st of March 2018.  

You can read more about the application process and apply by following this link: https://candidate.hr-manager.net/ApplicationInit.aspx?cid=1212&ProjectId=143962&DepartmentId=18977&MediaId=5

For youth delegates from the other countries there might be different requirements, we recommend you to contact your National Society or the Youth Delegates from your country for more information. 


This week the youth delegates have one day each with the Norwegian Red Cross' Snapchat account, where you can follow our daily lives as youth delegates in each country. Today (Thursday January 18th) we will be snapping from our daily life as youth delegates here in Colombia, so if you want to know more you can follow the Norwegian Red Cross snapchat. 

- Username on snapchat: rodekors.no

If you have questions about what it’s like to be a youth delegate leave a comment or contact us on facebook, Kristine Ungdomsdelegat and Sofie Ungdomsdelegat

- Kristine

Un año nuevo significa nuevos delegados. 

Ser delegado es mucho trabajo y muy divertido! Foto de: Sofie Sundström Bele. 

Ser delegado es mucho trabajo y muy divertido! Foto de: Sofie Sundström Bele. 

Un año nuevo significa un nuevo comienzo. Un comienzo para empezar una vida mejor, empezar hacer ejercicio, pasar más tiempo con amigos y familia. Pero ¿por qué no usar este nuevo año para hacer nuevas experiencias como delegado de juventud? Por el Programa de Delegados de Juventud (PDJ) un nuevo año significa nuevos delegados. Aunque tenemos más tiempo aquí en Colombia, el proceso de reclutamiento de nuevos delegados ha empezado en Noruega. Entonces, es una oportunidad para usar este año para hacer más, hacerlo mejor y llegar más lejos. 

Este proceso es para los que quieren ser delegados de noruega. Para los delegados de juventud de otros países puede haber diferentes requisitios, le recomendamos que se contacte a su Sociedad Nacional o con los Delegados de Juventud de su país para obtener más información.  



Esta semana los delegados de juventud tienen un día cada uno con la cuanta de Snapchat de la Cruz Roja Noruega, donde pueden seguir nuestra vida diaria como delegados de juventud en cada paía. Hoy (el jueves 18 de enero) saldremos de nuestra vida como delegados de juventud aquí en Colombia, así que si quieres saber más puedes seguir al Snapchat de la Cruz Roja Noruega.

- Nombre de usario en snapchat: rodekors.no


Y si tienes preguntas sobre la vida como delegadas, puedes preguntarnos en facebook, Kristine Ungdomsdelegat y Sofie Ungdomsdelegat

- Kristine