A Youth Spot opens to be space for inclusion and growth

Four white walls, a brown coloured door, widows, a comfortable sitting area, some colourful chairs and a desk made out of wood. With first sight the Youth Spot just looks like any room, then suddenly you discover that it is a place for inclusion. A place for every youth across gender, cast, age, religion and culture. Here you can meet youth from Damauli area, exchange knowledge and get new experiences. You can bring the challenges and problems you might have in life. This is your safe place to be yourself and a place to gain knowledge through workshops held by other youths.  

A place for inclusion and being yourself as you are
We have opened The Youth Spot here in Damauli, Tanahun District. The concept is from Norwegian Red Cross Youth and their humanitarian activity called Social Meeting Spot. It is about creating a local humanitarian activity that meet local needs. In this case the need of having a place for youth across caste, gender, religion and culture. The goal is to decrease discrimination and increase inclusion; to create a safe meeting spot for youth. Red Cross’ work is based on the needs of the community. Needs not covered by society already. The Youth Spot is open for all youth in Damauli area.

The Youth Spot is driven by Tanahun Red Cross and Youth Volunteers. It will be open regularly, providing youth with workshops about temporary challenges they meet in their everyday life and giving them a safe meeting place that contribute to inclusion and friendship. It is also a space where youth learn how to make ideas turn into action.

Spot contributing to a safe and open place for youth
We were happy about getting access to a room at the District Office in Damauli. With first sight it was used as storage for construction materials. But after some cleaning, painting and buying some furniture; the room turned into the Youth Spot. At the opening we had youth coming from eight different schools in Tanahun District, Red Cross Staff from Tanahun District, representative from the District Junior/Youth Committee and representative from the District Board in Tanahun. Speeches were held and they touched upon the topics that youth can often feel distanced between themselves and their parents, which is known as the generation gap. This gap creates difficulties regarding the role and expectation towards youth and the lack of influence youth have over defining these themselves.

The opening itself was a safe zone and place to be yourself; Youth danced and some took the courage to show their singing talent.  As we saw it, the youth opened up and shared their personality, they could be themselves; and that each of them are good enough as they are.