Initiating a conversation with you on youth engagement

Are you an engaged youth, do you want to be engaged or are you just curious on youth as agents of change? Then join the conversation.

An arena for asking questions on the role of youth in making our communities better
Ask your questions, share your ideas, gain knowledge and confidence to be agents of change in your community. Throughout our Red Cross/Red Crescent YDEP work we wish to engage with you on the topic of youth engagement and the role of youth in meeting humanitarian challenges. We want this blog to be more than a channel where we share our experiences. We want the blog to be an arena where you can have your questions answered and share your reflections on youth engagement. Often we hear that the voices of youth are important, but why are they important? And are the actions of youth important for today as much they are for the future - and why?

Youth Delegates Ola and Kathrine invites for a conversation on youth engagement and youth as agents of change from Tanahun, Nepal.

Located in Tanahun, Nepal working on strengthening youth involvement in humanitarian activities in local communities through increasing youth capacity, together with youth themselves, we wish to blog about more than our workshops and meetings.  We want to be in a conversation with you, yes you, about what youth engagement really is and how can and are youth agents of change?

Are you in Nepal? Are you in Norway? Madagascar, Colombia – whatever your location, we want your questions about youth as agents of change. We will answer them to the best of our abilities in collaboration with youth volunteers in Nepal.

Contact us with your questions:
Add us on Facebook and ask your questions: Ola Ungdomsdelegat and Kathrine Ungdomsdelegat.

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