A mutual exchange to increase the power of humanity of youth

Two Youth Delegates travel from Norway to Nepal as part of a mutual Exchange between Red Cross/Red Cresence National Societies to increase the power of humanity among youths.

We, Ola and Kathrine will contribute with our local and national Red Cross experiences in capacity building among and together with Nepalese youth to meet humanitarian needs. We will work in the Tanahun District. While we travel from Norway to Nepal, Shabnam and Rajesh from Nepal Red Cross will be Youth Delegates in Telemark, Norway. They  will also contribute towards capacity building of youth in Norway. It is thus a mutual exchange of experiences at a personal level, district level and between national societies. The Youth Delegation Exchange Programme (YDEP) shows in practice the strenghts of youth in the RC/RC global movement.

Youth Delegates Rajesh and Shabnam from Nepal and Norwegian Youth Delegates Ola and Kathrine at the Norwegian Red Cross headquarters in Oslo, Norway.

Youth Delegates Rajesh and Shabnam from Nepal and Norwegian Youth Delegates Ola and Kathrine at the Norwegian Red Cross headquarters in Oslo, Norway.

It is all about sharing a common ground.
I, Ola Opdal, have the inspiration to participate in this program because of my values and belief in mutual respect and equality. Having respect for each other and trying to narrow the gap between people is important. We are all in the same boat, that any time can tip over, either if you are a man or a female, poor or rich, old or young. Pellegrino Riccardi summarized this nicely at the FK Youth Camp. By showing empathy and trying to get inside other people´s head, I will have  a better chance to connect, talk and find solutions together with other human beings that I meet. 

I am a 22 year old male from Røros, Norway. This year I have the great opportunity to broaden my international experience. I have eight years experience of volunteering in the Norwegian Red Cross.  As a certified first aider in the Search and Rescue Team I also have experience with youth engagement within the Red Cross Youth. Children´s rights to have a good childhood as an activity leader for a local Children´s Red Cross group are among my main areas of expertise and focus.  I can also show to experience with passing on my own knowledge from Red Cross forward to others as an Red Cross instructor. I´m a Red Crosser who have also had the pleasure of being the face of the organisation welcoming and including new volunteers in activities. Dedicated to the wellbeing of fellow human beings I hold a Bachelor Degree in Social Education from Bergen University College.

Everyone can make a difference - one step at a time.
I, Kathrine Olsen Flåte, want to contribute towards persons realizing the great potentials that have within themselves, and contribute with a space where they can blossom as individuals and contribution to the power of humanity. I hail from a small fjord-village outside of Aalesund in Norway. Dedicated to social justice and the globalisation of compassion I completed a Bachelors of arts double major in Sociology/Anthropology and Public Communication from Truman State University in the USA. There I engaged in grassroots organising, peace activism and work related to gender equality. Eager to continue putting theory into practice, I moved to India as a Princeton-in-Asia Fellow working on HIV/AIDS advocacy, care and support. In New Delhi, I also gained international relations experience as a Trainee and Consultant at the Royal Norwegian Embassy. Upon returning to Norway, I humbly was elected by the Youth Democracy of Norwegian Red Cross Youth to be the Vice President of humanitarian policy for two periods. While lifting up youth engagement and contribution by youth in Norwegian Red Cross, I also pursue a graduate degree in International Development Studies at NMBU. I can also show to experience with settlement and integration of refugees in Oslo. I am now looking forward to returning to Asia, where my heart has expanded, and my belief in the power of humanity and youth will continue to grow.

We are both dedicated to the role that youth has in the enhancement of the power of humanity locally, nationally and internationally.