Youth Volunteers Marking World Red Cross And Red Crescent Day Providing Food and Teaching First Aid

Today is World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day. Every 8th of May we celebrate our worldwide organization that has served local communities all around the world. Red Cross and Red Crescent are present everywhere for everyone in 190 countries. Today a youth volunteer in Tanahun said that “I feel happy and proud to serve the people in my community”, after giving out necessary supplies and food to an old age care home, called Parasar Brishasram, in Damauli, Nepal. Red Cross Youth Tanahun marked this day with this visit and by teaching locals about first aid in the center of Damauli, Nepal. 

Visiting old age care home providing necessary supplies and food

Red Cross’ mission is to alleviate and prevent human suffering. Today youth volunteers, together with District Chapter representative, visited an old age care home called Parasar Brishasram in Damauli, Nepal. They provided necessary supplies and food. This home is supported by different organization and is depending on support and help to make a good life for the people living there. I serve is the youth volunteers motto, and by helping those who need support we prevent human suffering and work through our own principle – humanity.

Youth volunteers teaching first aid to locals in Damauli

After visiting the old age care home, the youth volunteers began their second mission of the day. They grabbed some blankets and first aid supplies from the district chapters’ office and started walking to Damauli center. Next step was to teach locals about first aid and spread awareness about what kind of work Red Cross Youth Tanahun is doing. In the center of Damauli, in the shadow of a bell tree, they prepared a first aid camp. Some youth were going around talking to people about Red Cross Youth Tanahun and that they could visit our first aid camp to learn more about first aid. Locals were gathering around the youth volunteers, watching while they showed and explained about first aid.

A group of police officers stopped by and paid much interest in what the youth had to say. After a demonstration of how to stop a bleeding and how to treat fractures in arms and legs, the locals were eager to try themselves. With the support of the youth volunteers, people were practicing how to stop a bleeding, how to handle a leg fracture and how to make a sling for a broken arm.

With the motto I serve, I am sure that today was a day were the community saw this motto in action. Red Cross will continue to be present everywhere for everyone, and to see more about what youth volunteers do in Tanahun District, Nepal, visit their Facebook page: Red Cross Youth Tanahun.