Youth Volunteers Trained in First Aid

First Aid knowledge is essential for any Red Cross volunteer.  Knowing first aid ensures an ability to help people in need.  

24 Red Cross youth volunteers in Tanahun District learned First Aid in this weekend. During the training the youth volunteers practice what they learn, because with first aid it is not enough to theoretically know what do when something happens; you must respond and react when it matters.

Know First Aid – alleviate human suffering
First aid is probably something you have heard about before. It is important to know in case something happens such as in an emergency. The need for first aid however does not only arise when emergencies such as an earthquake happen. Rather the need for knowing first aid can prove itself useful at any time. When you least expect it; A woman falls down onto the ground while walking down the street in front of you, with first aid knowledge you can help her.  A man falls off his motorcycle and scratches his leg, with first aid knowledge you can help him. You go out to eat dinner with your friend, and she gets food stuck in her throat. Luckily you know what to do when someone choke, so your friend can shortly breathe normally again. Someone is injured in an accident, with first aid knowledge you can ensure safe breathing channels and put the person in a stable side position until more help arrives. With first aid knowledge you can contribute towards saving lives.  Need for First Aid can happen anytime, be prepared and learn First Aid. 

If you want to learn First Aid – contact your Red Cross/Red Crescent and become a volunteer and learn the skills to alleviate human suffering.