Warm Welcome by Nepal Red Cross Society

Our journey as Youth Delegates in Nepal started off this week with being warmly welcomed by the Nepal Red Cross Society.

Welcomed with Khada shawls
Days have gone by since we landed at the Kathmandu International airport to begin the nine month long mutual exchange in Nepal. We were met by our Nepal Red Cross National Coordinator, Mr. Bal Krishna Sedai, who put red and yellow celebratory khada shawls around our neck. These shawls are given for celebrations and congratulatory events. It was a warm welcome.

Off we went towards the capital of Nepal with plenty first impressions coming at us while sitting in the Red Cross car driving through the end of monsoon water puddles. After a short rest our work-day began.

Eager to meet everyone we were introduced to our colleges at the Junior and Youth Department of Nepal Red Cross Society on our first day.

Honorary meeting with Chairman and General Secretary of Nepal Red Cross Society
The honourable Chairman and General Secretary of Nepal Red Cross Society provided a warm welcome. Together with them we spoke about youth engagement and the work of the Youth Delegate Exchange Programme.