The adventures of seeking the massive and stunning snow covered peaks of Annapurna Massif in Himalaya

In Norway people go for walks in nature for solitude and enjoyment. In Nepal people go for strolls around town for small talk and enjoyment; As they call it: “roaming around”.

The other day, we ended up on a small talk and enjoyment stroll as we were hunting for that special mountain view that can be seen both at the entrance to and exit from Damauli. In either direction, if you come from Kathmandu or Pokhara, there is a chance to see the stunning snow-covered high mountains of Annapurna Massif. With its highest peak of 8000 meters above sea-level, the Himalayan mountain range sticks out above smaller mountains still covered in greenery.

Annapurna Massif seen through the city gate of Damauli, Nepal. Photo: Kathrine Olsen Flaate.

The scavenger hunt for the mountain view started after work before the sun was about to set. On our way to and from work we like to change it up a bit with the routes we walk. We like to add some adventure into our Damauli-everyday lives, perhaps because of Kathrine´s fondness for Norwegian fairytales and the like. During our strolls we never know what we might meet. One day we climbed a little mountain by stairs and ended up at a temple. Another time we ended up drinking chiyaa (masala tea) at a different temple.

Kathrine O. Flaates adventure for seeking the mountain view. Photo: Ola Opdal

Kathrine O. Flaates adventure for seeking the mountain view. Photo: Ola Opdal

Last week on our way out of Damauli towards Kathmandu, the Annapurna Massif could be spotted. We celebrated seeing the beautiful view with a little photoshoot of the beautiful view. After returning to Damauli this week Ola went for another stroll, roaming around with some local Nepali friends. As the sun was setting a clear view of the Massif of Annapurna appeared against the sunset sky. Red and orange colour from the sun shined on the far away high peaks.

Annapurna Massif. Sunset in Damauli, Nepal.  Photo: Ola Opdal

Annapurna Massif seen from Damauli, Nepal. Photo: Ola Opdal.

Here´s to hoping the future bring new adventures were we can spot more of the Annapurna Massif.


athrine & Ola