Norwegian Red Cross to assist 2 million civilians affected by war and conflict through Telethon in Norway

The telethon – a chain of humanity

- a poem

With the Red Cross Principles at our core
the worlds largest telethon mobilizes
a human chain of humanity
Norwegian municipality after municipality
people walk from door to door
towards a common goal
not merely a hope

Nepal in solidarity stand
part of the same movement
supporting our fellow Red Crossers towards a common goal
not merely a hope

Together we make the assistance reach,
all the way
our fellow sister and brother in need

every other second a person flees
65 million people

Affected by conflict and war
whomever they are,
wherever they are
the assistance will reach
2 million fellow human beings

Syria, Somalia, Lebanon, South Sudan, Myanmar, Hondoras, Guatemala, El Salvador
Different actions
All humanitarian needs
not merely a hope
not merely a dream
the assistance will reach
Through volunteering
Because of neutrality
Because of independence
Through unity
2 million civilians will be reached
Humanitarian needs met
not merely a hope
not merely a dream
the assistance will reach

Through a chain of humanity,
humanitarian needs are met.

Poem by Kathrine Flåte

Norwegian Red Cross to assist 2 million people affected by conflict and war through telethon. 
Being part of the global Red Cross/Red Crescent movement, we as Youth Delegates are happy that the Norwegian Red Cross will be able to assist 2 million people with meeting life necessary needs of civilians affected by war and conflict through one of the world´s largest telethon, NRK TV-aksjonen, this year. Check out this video for more info. 

Every other second a person flees because of war and conflict.
65 million individuals are fleeing from conflict and war currently. It is the largest number of people fleeing since World War II. Through the mobilization of 100 000 people and then some, the Norwegian Red Cross and the civil society will contribute towards meeting the humanitarian needs of 2 million persons.

Mobilization for humanity
In every Norwegian municipality people mobilize to collect funds to meet the humanitarian needs of fellow human beings in Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, South Sudan, Myanmar, Hondoras, Guatemala and El Salvador and within Norway itself. Volunteers will walk around the country; along the coast, in the hills, in the cities, in the villages, through digital technology and media, on Sunday 23. October. In parallel to the volunteers walking door to door, the telethon, which started in 1974 for philanthropic causes, the TV-channel NRK broadcasts information and videos of what the funds will be used for. There will be stories of people, giving civilians affected by war and conflict a face – they are not merely a number, they are fellow human beings with hopes and dreams of a better and safer future. The telethon will have an impact on 2 million hopes and dreams and contribute to 2 million person´s health and safety.

The Red Cross/Red Crescent principles and International Humanitarian Law contributes to reaching civilians in need
With the 7 Red Cross Principles of humanity, impartiality, volunteering, universality, neutrality, unity and independence the RC/RC get the help all the way to those who need it. Being part of this global movement with these principles ensures that we together can reach more people wherever they are, whomever they are. 

A human chain for humanity
The number of people fleeing from conflict is enough to create a human-chain around the world according to the Red Cross. Through the work Red Cross volunteers do every day around the world in the 190 national societies, and through the mobilization of this telethon we create a human-chain of humanity around people fleeing to safety from conflict.

For those in Norway, we encourage you to join – contribute in the mobilization to help 2 million fellow human beings to a safer and healthier future.

For those around the world, every day we can all do something for bettering our communities together.