Namaste Damauli - greetings to our new home.

Part of a family, part of a Red Cross District Office Family, part of a community.

Friendliness is the key word for our first couple of days in our new home town, Damauli. People greet us with the Namaste greeting, meaning I bow to the divine light within you, wherever we go in the town of 55 000 inhabitants. We have quickly been welcomed into families, our workplace and the community.

Our new home, a blue house with a beautiful view of Damauli, is located down some narrow alleyways next to other colourful brickhouses in reds, blues, greens and white. A family with two young children live in the house in an apartment above us. The family warmly welcomed us and said “now we are all a family”.

Part of the Tanahun Red Cross District Office Family
At the Tanahun Red Cross District Office we were welcomed with Namaste and another celebratory shawl. “You are now part of our family”, said our District office colleagues.

A new home in a new country comes with new names
With being members of our new families, we are no longer just Ola and Kathrine. We have been given the following Nepali names; Gopal and Ganga. The names were given to us after some analysis of our original names and character. The meaning of Gopal is Krishna and the protector of cows, a person who stands up for other people. Ganga on the other hand means sacred river and is a connotation of purity. The few times we have shared our additional Nepali names; Ola Gopal and Kathrine Ganga, in our greetings, people acknowledge our new names with smiles.