Meet Likeleli Prudence Moeketsi

Age: 21
Branch: Pitseng

How long have you been a Red Cross volunteer?
I’m very new - 1 month

Why did you join the Red Cross? 
Because I love volunteering, my community and the work that are executed by the Red Cross. The work I put down benefits others, and it is great that everything is based on volunteerism. I also love the experience volunteering brings, and that you get to meet with other youths and people from other places.

The Red Cross/Red Crescent has 7 principles, which one is the nearest to you?
Impartiality. It means that everyone is welcome to volunteer and benefit from the work we do - everyone feels at home with the Red Cross. I also like it because it’s similar to Neutrality. Everybody is treated equally and the organisation is not controlled by the government, political parties or a church.