A typical Monday

Since we work mostly with youth volunteers all days are different, we have to adapt to their schedule. This an example for what a day can look like as a youth delegate.

Rise and shine (the neighbours rooster woke you up at 5, but this is when you get out of bed - for the past hour you’ve been watching Buffy the Vampire slayer on your laptop) 

After a nutritious breakfast consisting of toast and eggs it’s time for your bucket bath. If there’s water in the tap you’ll of course enjoy a shower.

You watch some more Buffy the Vampire Slayer

You arrive at the office (but african time considered you bring you’re laptop to work on your blog while waiting)

Together with your local contact person you make a plan for the upcoming week and do a recap of last weeks achievements

You go to the local hotel to use the complementary wifi you got with the Coke you bought. You send some emails, read some newspapers, and if you’re really lucky/patient you can upload the blogpost you wrote this morning. 

Lunch! You go home to cook another nutritious meal consisting of more egg and toast.

Time off, read a book, exercise, watch some more Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

Meet up with the youth volunteers for swim class at the local hotel. 

The food highlight of the day: DINNER!
You’re of course making chicken tacos from scratch, tortillas and everything.

…. another episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer while you add metadata to the photos from todays swim class. 

Brush your teeth, spray on some bug spray and crawl under your mosquito net to call it a night. It might seem like you’re getting a lot of sleep, but the neighbours rooster will make sure to wake you every hour on the hour from 01:00.