As an attempt to bring some of the Norwegian Christmas culture to Hlotse we arranged a Juleverksted for our volunteers. This is a tradition in Norway and can be described as a Christmas workshop where you make Christmas decorations and listen to Christmas music.

The celebration of Christmas in Lesotho is quite different from how we do it in Norway. The volunteers told us about how they gather with their family and friends, enjoy food and go to church. Christmas presents is not a widespread tradition but most of them receive a set of new clothes for Christmas day. Also it’s not that common to decorate your house, so making decorations was new for most of the volunteers. 

We made lanterns from old jars and cans, santas from toilet paper rolls, stars to put in the window and folded paper hearts. The volunteers also made some creative Christmas cards for their friends and families. We all had a good time, and we were promised Christmas cards to Norway next year!

The way Basotho celebrate Christmas can teach us a lot. They focus more on spending time with their loved ones rather than expensive presents and months of stressful preparations - which sometimes can be the case in Norway. 

Merry Christmas to you all!

- Ida & Astri