Meet Liteboho Steven Mashidi

Age: 27
Branch: Pitseng

How long have you been a Red Cross volunteer?
I just joined and have been a volunteer for 3 months.

Why did you join the Red Cross? 
I wanted to help people, especially in my community. As a Red Cross volunteer I can contribute doing community outreach and other activities benefiting the locals in my district.

The Red Cross/Red Crescent has 7 principles, which one is the nearest to you?
Humanity, because as a human it’s a good thing to help one another, supporting each other and lend a hand to those in need - something I feel that Lesotho Red Cross represents in a good way. 

What do you think about this years theme for WRCD “Everywhere for Everyone”?
It’s a good theme because everyone at some point needs a helping hand in despite of rase, gender or life situation. It is great that we get to focus on visibility and that the Red Cross is there for everyone.