Youth meeting

After working on recruitment for quit some time now, we had our first youth meeting at the divisional office here in Leribe. We got to meet some youths that used to volunteer some time ago, and some new ones. They make a great group, and we are super excited to work with them on starting new activities in the district. 

For some time now we have been working on starting a swimming class, to teach local kids how to swim. This is unfortunately a lifeskill that isn’t thought in school and we’ve learned that very few kids around here know how to swim. The idea is to train instructors that can continue the activity after we leave. The youths at the meeting were so positive towards this, and it will be so much fun starting the lessons after we return from the youth camp in Qacha’s Nek which starts this sunday.  We introduced our volunteers to Norwegian waffles (with sour creme and strawberry jam) at the meeting - which of course they loved! 

- Ida & Astri