Leadership and project management

One of the things we’ve been working towards while being here in Lesotho is starting an Income Generating Activity (IGA), so that the youths can generate income to sustain their activities. There is little to no funds available for youth activities so it’s important that the branches work with projects that can support their activities (community outreach, kids clubs, youth gatherings etc.), different trainings and events. The youths in Leribe have decided that they’d like to start a chicken project, selling chicken meat.

Monday and Tuesday, this week, we held a two day leadership/project management workshop for the youths in Khanyane, where we focused on project management and the different roles of a leader. One of the main goals for the workshop was to create a structure for the project team and to select project team leaders. The youths showed great initiative and ran parts of the workshop themselves - this really impressed us. Our initial hope for the project was that 5-6 youths wanted to be involved, but as it turned out all the youths in Khanyane are invested and wants to contribute. They chose 4 project team leaders and created a shift plan for the rest of the volunteers.

We are confident that the IGA will be a huge success in Khanyane, especially after seing their team spirit and ability to plan ahead.