World Red Cross Day celebration

Last weekend we celebrated World Red Cross Day in Khanyane. Where the celebration is helt rotates between the districts, and this year we were lucky enough that it were to be held in our district, Leribe. Youth and senior volunteers from all 10 districts, staff from LRCS and people from the local community were present for the big ceremony on Saturday. In addition the youths in Leribe arranged a talentshow on Friday. 

Youths from all 10 districts performed different acts - all from singing and dancing to theatre. Some local musicians and an entertainment club also contributed to the talentshow. In total around 150 people attended, and everyone seemed to be having a good time. The youths in Leribe raised funds for Red Cross Youth activities through an entry fee for the show and sale of snacks. Our contribution to the event was an opening speech on youths as agents for positive change and a quiz on the Red Cross with cool prizes all the way from Norway. We also took the opportunity to thank all the youth volunteers who have made our stay here in Lesotho a fantastic one.

The youth volunteers in Leribe planned the whole event themselves, gathering all youth volunteers in the district for several planning meetings. They divided themselves into task teams where someone was in charge of food and others of sound, security, program and welfare. All the task teams did a great job, and the night was a huge success. We’re especially impressed with the kitchen team who planned, prepared and cooked food for 200 people with a very limited budget and resources. 

The boys also helped out! 

The boys also helped out! 

Saturday morning all the youths attended a tree planting in the community before the official ceremony started. There was cultural performances from all districts, speeches and awards for volunteers showing outstanding commitment. The whole event was broadcasted on national TV (Lesotho TV), and even the youth IGA in Khanyane got attention. The youths also got to present the IGA for the National Executive Committee, with both the Secretary General and the President for LRCS present. The National Executive Committee was noticeably impressed with the work the youths have put down and how organized they all were.  

The weeks leading up to the event was very hectic for everyone involved, but it was all worth it in the end. The youths received well deserved praises for all their efforts, and the celebration exceeded all our expectations. All three active youth branches in Leribe are newly established, but after seeing how organised and dedicated they all worked towards this event, we’re confident that the youth group will continue to strive and grow. We look forward to check in in a year seeing that the number of volunteers have doubled and that the IGA is a massive success!