The role of a youth delegate

As a youth delegate you are in a unique position. You work mainly as a volunteer but you’re also partially employed. In practice you do the work of a volunteer, but you also have a few administrative tasks so it’s important to balance the two. This can be challenging at times because the volunteers might see you more as an employee than a volunteer and equal to them. A big part of our job is to help the youth volunteers in our district to strengthen the structure and framework of their activities to ensure sustainability. We also do informational work such as this blog, articles and being visible in different social medias,. 

Being a Red Cross Youth delegate is exciting, you get to know a new culture and get first hand experience in working/volunteering for a new national society. All national societies are facing different challenges depending on the humanitarian needs in the country. The tasks and activities you’ll be carrying out may differ from what you’ve worked on within the Red Cross earlier. Though there are different challenges and the national societies across the world work differently you’ll discover that they all have the same core values and are united through the 7 principles.