U phela joang?

A little over a week ago we arrived in the town Hlotse, Leribe. This will be our home and host district for the next coming months. We’ve spend this first week trying to familiarise our selves with the activities in the district and the different youth groups operating here. Since it’s important for the Red Cross to contribute only where it’s needed and not take over for already existing activities, we’ve spent time in meetings with the youth groups to figure out how we in a best way possible can start activities that benefit the youths in the community. On thursday we met with Hlotse Youth Resource Centre, Thakaneng, which will be one of the groups we’ll work closely with. After the meeting they showed us some of their recreational activities and we got to play some volleyball, basketball and tennis. 

On Saturday we were lucky enough to take part in a youth program at the Baylor clinic here in Hlotse. The Baylor clinic is a children's clinic working exclusively with HIV/AIDS patients under the age of 18. Here we contributed with games for the youths, and for some of the next gatherings we will facilitate on different topics, such as self-esteem, first aid, conflict management etc. 

We have met so many different and interesting stakeholders this past week, and they are all so welcoming and open for some kind of collaboration with the Red Cross Youth. Especially we are impressed with the District Administrator and his engagement in local youth activities. We are looking forward to working with his office. Tomorrow we will partake in a first aid training for elderly, which is one of the community out reach programs run by Leribe Red Cross. Also, tomorrow will be our first day with Sesotho lessons - much needed. So far our vocabulary is limited to greetings (there are to many kinds).. 

Fonane (good night)
Ida & Astri (now Mary)