World Aids Day

Tuesday, last week, was the 1st of December and the Worlds Aids Day (WAD). Lesotho now ranks second in terms ofHIV/AIDS prevalence (23%), and Basotho have a saying that “you’re either infected on affected” - which is more or less the reality. 

We spent the day together with the the youth volunteers handing out flyers, condoms, homemade cookies and ribbons that the volunteers made. “Ending AIDS towards a sustainable development” was the theme for Lesotho this year, but they’ve also adopted the 4year goal of South-Africa (2011-2015)— Getting to ZERO. 

ZERO stigma
ZERO discrimination
ZERO AIDS-related deaths
ZERO new HIV-infected  

With our background from a country with very low statistics for HIV/AIDS prevalence it is difficult to fully comprehend how this affects people. Almost every day we meet people that are either infected or affected, and we’ve been surprised to learn that many speak openly about their status. This is an indicator that the stigma of having HIV and AIDS are decreasing. Even though it’s still one of the biggest challenges Lesotho is facing, our impression is that people are well informed about HIV and AIDS - something that our encounter with the local community at WAD strengthened. 

- Ida & Astri