Meet Phole Francis Nkone

Age: 35
Branch: Pitseng

How long have you been a Red Cross volunteer?
3 months

Why did you join the Red Cross? 
I’m an aerobics trainer and want to improve peoples health. I want to encourage people to join aerobics and focus more on their physical health, and thought that this could be a great activity for youths in our town. I started to recruit volunteers from the team and now we have a youth branch with 18 active volunteers. 

The Red Cross/Red Crescent has 7 principles, which one is the nearest to you?
Unity - I really like the fact that the Red Cross is a united organisation where people come together to discuss ideas and support each other. For instance this years theme for the World Red Cross Day “Everywhere for Everyone”, shows that the Red Cross is all over the world, for everyone. Within the Red Red Cross everyone is welcome, and we do not discriminate