After months of preparations we finally were able to start our income generating activity (IGA) today. Throughout the process the youths have shown great initiativ and have taken responsibility for most of the planning/practicalities themselves. The youth volunteers have received several trainings on bookkeeping, poultry care and project management to ensure that the activity runs well. This morning the chickens arrived - 100 tiny, yellow furballs. In about 6 weeks the chickens will be ready and the youths will take them to the butcher. Starting an IGA is one of our biggest achievements here, since it’s an important part of sustaining other youth activities.  

We wouldn’t have been able to start this IGA without the help and guidance from a few of the senior Red Cross volunteers, the Chief of Khanyane - Malefetsane Molinoea and our fantastic youth volunteers, so a big thank you to all of them!