As people are getting ready for the winter season back home we’re experiencing a very dry, hot summer here in Lesotho. The excitement from both of us when we finally were able to start the swimming activity (we’ve been planning for months) were through the roof. All of Southern Africa is experiencing a drought so the access to water has been fairly limited for the last two months. As Lesotho is a landlocked country swimming is not a lifeskill that is taught in public schools, therefore most people here don’t know how to swim.

The manager at the local hotel, Leribe Mountain View Hotel, has been so kind as to let us use their pool facilities free of charge, and we’ll be conducting swimming lessons for local youths a couple of times a week. Our hope for the activity is that the youth volunteers we’re now training will become instructors so that the activity can continue after we return to Norway. So far this is looking very promising. We’ve only been at it for a week and the volunteers (who had never been in water before) are already starting to get the hang of it. We are both extremely proud of the progress the volunteers are showing, but most of all we are proud of how fearless they are - trying something completely new and ver unfamiliar. 

- Ida & Astri