The Youth DelegateS Exchange Programme (YDEP)


YDEP contributes to the overall goal of the RC/RC Movement, which is to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people by mobilising the power of humanity amongst young people. YDEP works to develop the capacity of young Red Cross volunteers and youth structures in the participating RC/RC National Societies.

Young volunteers in the Movement are already involved in many initiatives geared towards reducing vulnerabilities in these communities. However, in many of the local groups, the young volunteers often just do things, they rarely look back at what they have done to ask, why, and how? YDEP, inspired by the International Federation of the Red Cross/Red Crescent (IFRC) rallying call for youth engagement – "youth doing more, doing better and reaching further", embarks on capacity strengthening of youth volunteers and youth structures within the participating National Societies to make them more effective and efficient.

The YDEP partners in this 2019-2020 exchange include; the Colombian Red Cross, Norwegian Red Cross and Kenya Red Cross Society.