Youth Team eager for positive change

Today Syangja's Red Cross Youth Team arranged a sanitation drive in Putalibazar. They had invited students from different Junior and Youth Red Cross Circles, their teacher sponsors (Red Cross supervisor), policemen, journalists and employees at the local municipality office - all together we were about 40 people eager to make our city free from trash!

The Youth Team were in charge of all steps; they planned the event beforehand, handed out materials, participated in the actual drive, collaborated well with both young and old, and were overall good role models. The Youth Team Coordinator Nisha Bashyal was even interviewed by local news and handled it like a pro!

For two hours all contributed their best to improve our environment. Activities like these are common for Red Cross youth volunteers to do in schools on regular basis, and the Youth Team members knew exactly what to do. The only difference from the typical activity was that it was in the town, and therefore more visible for the local people how the young Red Cross volunteers contribute to help their society. Check out Youth Team member Manish talking about why a sanitation drive is important:

Manish Khatri Photo: Svanhild Gjeraker

Manish Khatri
Photo: Svanhild Gjeraker

We have to clean the surrouinding because we will live there. And we have to have clean and healthy environment for our living.
— Manish Khatri

This is the first activity the Youth Team arranged by themselves, and we are very impressed! They even got interviewed by (several) local newspapers, and we are looking forward to reading articles about Red Cross contribution in Putalibazar in the coming days.


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