Since 2001 Norwegian Red Cross has been running the Youth Delegates Exchange Programme with different partner national societies across the world. This year the exchange is between Norway, Nepal, Colombia and Kenya Red Cross, which means that while we are here in Nepal two of our colleges from Nepal, Nishan and Saseena will be Youth Delegates in Norway. There they will contribute towards capacity building of the youths in Sandvika, Akershus.

Before leaving the pre-departure training all Youth Delegates had together in Oslo we managed to get Nishan and Saseena’s view on what this exchange is to them; “it means an exchange of work, knowledge and culture”. We heartily agree with this in many ways and have experienced all aspects of it, not only so far in Nepal, but also during our training together in Oslo where we learned much about each others cultures by sharing personal knowledge (and sari costumes, as you can see under :)

From different sides of the world all four of us contribute to reach the overall goal of Red Cross and Red Crescent movement:

“To improve the lives of the most vulnerable people by mobilising

the power of humanity amongst young people”.

Nishan and Saseena normally studies at campuses in Kathmandu with strong Youth Circles (that we were so warmly welcomed to), and this is one of the many factors why they were selected to be Youth Delegates in Norway. It is far from the only reason as both are very knowledgeable, with enormous hearts to help and be of assistance to others - which you are lucky to see in the video below, when they try to teach us proper Nepali dance moves :-D

Nishan and Saseena if you read this, we hope you’re doing well in Sandvika! Until we meet again, we will continue to get to know and learn from this amazing country and all its wonderful people.