Nepali & Norwegian cultural exchange

People we meet are most curious about Norway; how cold is it there? how many people live there? is there any mountains in your country? (in Nepali standard; no) We like to share about Norway just as much as we like to learn more and more about Nepal, therefore we decided to arrange a Nepali and Norwegian cultural exchange event together with the Youth Team. For us to share from Norwegian culture and Norwegian Red Cross and for the Youth Team members to do the same about Nepali culture. Both Norwegian and Nepali songs, food and dances were shared (we are sorry to say that our Nepali dance moves has not improved much haha). See how it all turned out in the video below;

As you can see the event turned out to be nicer than we could have imagined, and we must give the biggest thanks to the Youth Team who are becoming better and better in planning for these types of activities - Laxman even held the most impressive speech about Nepali culture, without any notes!

The "famous" brown cheese was quite popular, and to our big surprise it was even eaten up (the waffles may have helped). We even had our own "Norwegian cook", our local contact person and co-worker Dinesh Aryal, who baked and served waffles and Lerum solbærsaft (juice). From Nepali culture Samosa and Tarkarki (vegetable soup) was served by the Youth Team, and it was enjoyed by ALL!

Svanhild and Rachana baking waffles  Photo: Emma Carlson

Svanhild and Rachana baking waffles

Photo: Emma Carlson

Lastly we want to give our thanks to all who helped out during this event, as it was far from only the Youth Delegates! Local youth volunteers, the Youth Team and even US Peace Corps volunteers helped with photographing, decorating - even dancing. The event would not be anywhere near as good without their contribution!

 khusi - happy - glad

Susmita & Gauri