Youth as Agents of Behavioral Change (YABC) is the IFRCs flagship initiative on the promotion of a culture of non-violence and peace (CNV+P). Created in 2008, this program seeks to empower individuals to take up an ethical leadership role in their community. It does so by triggering a process of self-transformation amongst participants that result in positive and lasting changes of mindsets, attitudes and behaviors, including behavior designed to generate change in others in harmony with the Fundamental Principles.

YABC is about changing minds by touching hearts. It is rooted in a participant-centered, experiential learning approach, and relies on a non-cognitive methodology, meaning that feelings, experience, or the physical body, rather than intellectual analysis, are the entry points for learning. Participants are introduced to thematic issues or foster personal skills through games, role-plays, simulation and visualization exercises, storytelling, artistic platforms and 'internal arts'. YABC impact study report 2008-2013

This month we had an opportunity to facilitate discussions on various thematic issues like Intercultural Dialogue. The session aimed at helping participants to be aware of and understand how dialogue that builds on  common grounds and similarities, rather than focusing on differences, may lead to connection and consensus building, and contribute to positively valuing diversity and therefore bridging cultural differences. We also facilitated sessions with the aim of developing intra and interpersonal skills such as critical thinking, dropping bias and non-judgement among the youth in Skedsmo and Asker. During the discussions, the youth were made aware of the influence that personal assumptions, biases and judgements may have on the analysis and interpretation of a situation.

“Change yourself and then inspire others to change in a positive way.”

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