About a year ago we came to Norway for the Youth Basic Training Course (YBTC), a mandatory course for those who want to become youth delegates. We were received by the then current youth delegates from Madagascar. It was a thrilling adventure and an amazing experience given that almost everything was new for us. We remember the delegates explaining to us the transport system, how with a one card you can take a train, ferry, bus or/and metro. You should have seen our faces as we absorbed all this information, we were left in awe. The delegates had known their way around, and we admired them.

Since we had experienced flight delays, we arrived when pre-YBTC was already ongoing. Before YBTC commences, the potential International Youth Delegates usually attend a pre-YBTC session. The session brings together the current delegates who share their experiences with the newly arrived potential delegates. They give perspectives on what it means to be a youth delegate, the responsibility that comes with it, differences in working in a different culture. The potential delegates also get more information about Norwegian Red Cross before going to YBTC where they meet Norwegian participants.

YBTC is very significant as participants are provided with in-depth information about Youth Delegates Exchange Programme (YDEP). The course also provides a platform for self-evaluation by participants to determine whether YDEP mission is something they want to be engaged with. Lastly, the course is used to evaluate potential Youth Delegates’ fit and aptitude to work as Youth Delegates.

YBTC signifies the end of our mission with now less than two months to go. It only means the end of the beginning.