One of the things that really fascinated us when we came to Norway was the length of day light. We would wake up, find the sun already shining and sometimes go to sleep and it would still be in the sky  shining majestically. It felt like magic and it was a moment of wonder for us on the first day. Our Norwegian co-delegates would tell us to enjoy it while it lasted because somewhere in the far horizon, beyond the scope of our eyes winter was coming.

Kenya lies on the equator and has a pleasant, tropical climate, but there are large regional climatic variations influenced by several factors, including altitude. The Rift valley, Central Kenya and sections in the west of the country are mostly cool and wet throughout the year because they are mountainous. The coastal region is warm and very humid through out the year while the arid areas in the north nearly lacking rainfall experiences temperature change depending on the general time of the day. At night it could be extremely cold and during the day it could be very hot. Because of its proximity to the equator the country doesn’t experience real winter or summer. However we have snow at the peak of Mount Kenya, the highest mountain in the country.

So, were we going to experience our first snowfall this winter? Yes. Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait for winter to have a taste of our first snow. It happened so rapidly and all at once that we were left in awe. Some days last week we woke up and found tiny droplets of ice on grass which disappeared as more light set in. Then on Monday it happened. It was one of the many chilly days we’ve been having of late. At around midday it started to snow. Just like that snow was falling right before our own eyes. It was so beautiful and breath taking. we were so excited. We did what you’d expect a person witnessing snowfall for the first time to do. You want to guess? We went outside to take all this experience in wholly. We wanted to smell it, we wanted to feel it and that we couldn’t have achieved from being inside the office. You are probably wondering how it smelt,yeah?…it smelt of freshness and felt like a dream.

Unexpectedly our excitement was cut short because it stopped snowing at once, without any warning. It was like the weather was playing tricks on us but it didn’t matter. Had it been snowing even for 3 seconds we’d still be contented. We went back to the office feeling satisfied that even if winter didn’t come, we had seen a snow showpiece .

Snowfalling at night

Snowfalling at night

But we were wrong about the weather playing tricks on us. It had just gone home to do final preparations because when it came back later at night it did so in a big way. Everything got painted white. it looked so beautiful seeing the different shapes the snow piles had created. It looked like pure art from nature. Funny thing is that we realized it wasn’t that cold. Actually, we have had some days in the recent past which were colder than the snowy day. We have our warm clothes set and we can now officially declare that we are looking forward to the winter to experience more snow, to ski and to probably make snowpersons.

And by the way last Saturday we went to bed and when we woke up on Sunday we realized that we had lost an hour. We have been told the hour will be gained back again early next year. Could someone be kind enough to explain to us this phenomenon. Where does this hour go to? If you have an address send us,we are going to bring it back before next year.