We are now in spring, our first spring. Flowers are starting to bloom; grass are slowly but effortlessly turning color from dull brown to green. The covers used to shield outdoor furniture from harsh winter conditions have since been removed. Several cafes now have a lot of outdoor seats for their clients so they can enjoy the sun. The temperatures are maintaining a double digit on the positive side of number line. We take it all in day by day. Sometimes we reflect on where we’ve come from, we smile and silently say ¨We survived winter¨

It was our first winter experience ever. We come from a tropical climate environment where we only have wet seasons characterized by heavy rainfall and dry season characterized by warm temperatures. Do we experience the four seasons? No. Which of the seasons were we looking forward too. Did you guess winter, because that is correct.

We looked forward to winter, we wanted to experience snow, we wanted to make snow man, we wanted to ski. One thing that we became quite aware of instantly when we were in the early stages of winter was that we didn’t have sufficient winter clothing. We always had the idea of how cold it can get, and we had bought some clothes in readiness for this but it turned out it wasn’t the right clothing. We were introduced to alot of new concepts like layering. Not cake layering, cloth layering where you start with wool underneath. We relied on the Weather App to determine how much layer we put. When temperatures read double negative digit it meant more clothing layers

¨There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing¨

One of our favourite memories was when we were planning to attend Ferrie for alle(Holiday for all) activity. Because we were going in the mountains, that meant deep snow and very cold temperatures. Our colleagues got us the right gear for such activity. When we tried our borrowed outfits and looked at ourselves in the mirror, we felt so ridiculous. The clothes gave us the appearance of astronauts walking in space.

Winter brought with it shorter days and longer nights. We’d leave the house in the morning when it was dark and come back in the evening when it was darker.  Those days made us realize how important the sun is. It reached a point when we really missed the heat.

We eventually tried skiing for the first time and it was nothing short of a comic show. Our feet and the rest of our body couldnt cooperate and this means we easily lost our balance. 99% of the time we were down on the ice covered ground. We were in the company of really amazing people who kept on teaching and encouraging us and our second time in skis we were able to make some progress.

The winter gave us great experience and some memories. On certain days we miss some of the moments.