During 2018’s Norwegian Red Cross Youth National Assembly, an action plan for 2019 was adopted and sexual health was one key area the Red Cross Youth intended to put more focus on. Sexuality is an important aspect of our identities as human beings. It touches on how we experience and express ourselves sexually. It is a subject which to some, especially young people, can be quite embarrassing and uncomfortable to talk about. Red Cross Youth work with sexual health to facilitate gaining of knowledge, skills, attitude and values for young people to strengthen their ability to take care of themselves and others.


As part of Akershus Red Cross Youth activities towards promoting sexual health, we held workshops for two consecutive days with different classes in Strommen High School. We touched on gender, sexism, body boundaries and sexually transmitted diseases. We took the students through different dilemmas depicting real situations in life that required them to brainstorm and share on how best to handle such.

When it came to consent, we used the Tea Consent Movie, a short illustration that demonstrates consent.

We also learnt a lot from the students as they shared some brilliant perspectives. Given the feedback, we are sure the students got understanding and tools necessary to promote healthy discussions and awareness in matters regarding sexual health.