Different organizations and groups hold stands for various reasons. These could be when introducing a new product/service, creating awareness about an existing product/service or to communicate an upgrade to a product/service. The public is free to look around, try out stuff or ask questions on the stands. Services/products are brought closer to people and a feeling of closeness with recipients is created. A bake sale stand, recruitment drive stands, name them all. Stands are held in all kinds of places. On the streets, in the subways, at the train and bus stops, in front of churches and in schools. Everywhere and anywhere!

Last year we joined Enebakk Red Cross team which held a stand at an open Christmas market in Enebakk. The youth talked to people who came to the stand about what they do as volunteers. They recruited a new volunteer. We had yet another stand at Thon hotel where a ¨russ¨ seminar was taking place. We gave information about safe sex and the Red Cross youth activities to graduating students. We also distributed condoms and brochures to create awareness and promote safe sex. During the time, Skedsmo Hjelpekorps (search and rescue team) was also there. The team talked about what they do and gave different demonstrations. We got to learn a thing or two about emergency response specifically how to carry an injured person.

In January we had another stand at Drømtorp videregående skole. The high school was collecting money for Ski Red Cross on their aksjonsdag – 31st of January 2019. We talked about Ski Red Cross activities with the students one-on-one and appreciated the school for its commitment to Ski Red Cross activities in the community. More info on about volunteerism blog

To mark and celebrate World Red Cross and Red Crescent day on 8th May, youth volunteers from Asker Red Cross local branch held a stand at Trekanten mall in Asker. The volunteers interacted directly with shoppers with the main aim of sharing information about their youth group, recruit new members and activities they do to meet the different needs of young people in the community.


To mark the day Oppegård Red Cross also had a stand at Kolbotn train station where volunteers from the different departments (care, youth and search and rescue) talked to the members of the public about Red Cross principles and activities. Many people were attracted to try out cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) - an emergency procedure that combines chest compressions to restore spontaneous blood circulation and breathing in a person. A volunteer was on standby to guide them through it. It was a great opportunity for people to learn by doing.

NB: If you come across an individual who is unconscious and not breathing, dial emergency number for help, put phone on loudspeaker and start doing CPR immediately. Always keep in mind: 30 chest compressions and 2 rescue breaths.