Vestby og Ås Red Cross youth volunteers during a KOMPIS (buddy) activity.

Vestby og Ås Red Cross youth volunteers during a KOMPIS (buddy) activity.

After spending four amazing weeks learning and preparing for our mission the time to part finally came. It was what all of us had been looking forward to. We were adequately prepared. We felt like experts and yes, we are experts. As six Norwegian delegates moved to their host countries (Columbia, Kenya and Nepal) the remaining six of us moved to our host Red Cross districts in Norway.

The Red Cross Akershus district office is in Lillestrøm town. A calm and quiet town that lies strategically between the country’s biggest airport and Oslo, the country’s capital. If you ever find yourself in Lillestrøm you can always stop by and say hi to us.

 For the past one week we’ve been trying to get to know our way around the office and the surrounding itself. The other day Teresa lost her transportation card. I guess she is not used to carrying it around. Luckily, she had registered it online. We met red cross youth in Asker and Vestby og Ås and shared ideas on various way to increase our capacity as youth in addressing the needs of the most vulnerable. Good to know that they had been told we were coming, and we are glad that they gave us a warm reception. Everyone wanted to know more about Kenya as a country and activities of Kenya Red Cross Society in regard to alleviating human suffering. You will not believe how enthusiastic and creative they are. We learnt several energizers in the kompis (buddy) hang out activity organized by the youth. We also met with the youth district board who were doing what they do best. Coordinating, reviewing, planning and advising on youth activities. They were inspiring.

 We met the Rælingen Red Cross leader, Thomas, a really nice person who has this air of energy around him. He is so passionate about Red Cross and has a lot of interesting stories. Thomas if you are reading this, next time we meet could you try not to confuse Ghana and Kenya, hehe.

It has been an exciting week for us and this is majorly because of how we’ve been able to meet more youth volunteers, make new friends and see more places within the district. This is a journey which has begun on a high note, and we are happy to be taking part in it. We want to learn more and most importantly we hope our actions will contribute to the Federation’s rallying call of ¨youth doing more, doing better and reaching further¨

I had almost forgotten, we started attending Norwegian classes. You should see how we disturb everyone in the office with the few Norwegian phrases we’ve learnt so far. We don’t let them breathe. They tell us how good and fast we are learning but I think most of the time we sound more like pigeons. They just don’t want to tell us.

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PS: Special thanks to Lise Solvoll, our contact person for her effort and support.